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 CdataDefault voxel. Contains an 8-bit interpolation value. Replace/derive it and set it tho the voxel classes by template. Watchout when you reimplement a isMax() and isMin(). voxel-container doesnt save these voxel for memory-optimisation. Only return true on isMax() / isMin() if your are able to restore the state by setMin() / setMax(). setMin() has to to have the same results like the default contructor
 CHandlerInitialises Ogre3d (graphics) and OIS (input) and derives their callbacks. Class shall simplify the examples
 COgreTileThe OgreTile class converts the resulting vertices and indices of the voxel-terrain to the Ogre Hardwarebuffer. The class handles setVisible() when a tile gets cutted because it's too near or too far or a cracks has to get closed. The results of the transvoxel-algorithm for closing the cracks between the lod-tiles get set to submeshes. Every tile contains a Ogre::Mesh, a Ogre::Entity and a Ogre::SceneNode. For more information on how to use ogre3d see http://www.ogre3d.org/docs/manual/ and http://www.ogre3d.org/docs/api/1.9/