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blub::axisAlignedBoxInt32 Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for blub::axisAlignedBoxInt32:
blub::axisAlignedBoxTemplate< vector3int32 >

Public Types

typedef axisAlignedBoxTemplate
< vector3int32
- Public Types inherited from blub::axisAlignedBoxTemplate< vector3int32 >
typedef axisAlignedBoxTemplate
< vector3int32

Public Member Functions

 axisAlignedBoxInt32 (const vector3int32 &min, const vector3int32 &max)
void setInvalid (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from blub::axisAlignedBoxTemplate< vector3int32 >
 axisAlignedBoxTemplate (const vector3int32 &min, const vector3int32 &max)
bool operator== (const t_thisClass &other) const
void setMinimumAndMaximum (const vector3int32 &min, const vector3int32 &max)
const vector3int32getMinimum (void) const
const vector3int32getMaximum (void) const
vector3int32 getSize (void) const
vector3int32 getCenter (void) const
bool isInside (const vector3int32 &in) const
bool isInside (const t_thisClass &in) const
void extend (const t_thisClass &ext)
void extend (const vector3int32 &ext)
bool isValid () const
vector3int32::t_valueType getVolume ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from blub::axisAlignedBoxTemplate< vector3int32 >
vector3int32 m_min
vector3int32 m_max

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