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blub::async::dispatcher Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for blub::async::dispatcher:
blub::noncopyable blub::async::updater

Public Types

typedef std::function< void()> t_toCallFunction

Public Member Functions

 dispatcher (const uint16 &numThreads=0, const bool &endThreadsAfterAllDone=true, const string &threadName="")
void join ()
void start ()
void run ()
void reset ()
void stop ()
void dispatch (const t_toCallFunction &handler)
void post (const t_toCallFunction &handler)
void waitForQueueDone (void)
 waitForQueueDone will work only if one thread
int32 getThreadCount (void)
boost::asio::io_service * _getIoService (void)

Protected Member Functions

void nameThread (const int32 &indThread)

Protected Attributes

const string m_threadName

Detailed Description

customVertexInformation.cpp, mesh.cpp, noise.cpp, and primitives.cpp.

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