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blub::vector2 Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 vector2 (const Ogre::Vector2 &vec)
 operator Ogre::Vector2 () const
 vector2 (const real &fX, const real &fY)
 vector2 (const real &scaler)
 vector2 (const vector2int32 &cast)
vector2operator= (const real fScalar)
bool operator== (const vector2 &rkVector) const
bool operator!= (const vector2 &rkVector) const
vector2 operator+ (const vector2 &rkVector) const
vector2 operator- (const vector2 &rkVector) const
vector2 operator* (const real fScalar) const
vector2 operator* (const vector2 &rhs) const
vector2 operator/ (const real fScalar) const
vector2 operator/ (const vector2 &rhs) const
const vector2operator+ () const
vector2 operator- () const
vector2operator+= (const vector2 &rkVector)
vector2operator+= (const real fScaler)
vector2operator-= (const vector2 &rkVector)
vector2operator-= (const real fScaler)
vector2operator*= (const real fScalar)
vector2operator*= (const vector2 &rkVector)
vector2operator/= (const real fScalar)
vector2operator/= (const vector2 &rkVector)

Public Attributes

real x
real y

Protected Member Functions

template<typename Archive >
BLUB_SERIALIZATION_ACCESS void serialize (Archive &readWrite, const unsigned int version)


vector2 operator* (const real fScalar, const vector2 &rkVector)
vector2 operator/ (const real fScalar, const vector2 &rkVector)
vector2 operator+ (const vector2 &lhs, const real rhs)
vector2 operator+ (const real lhs, const vector2 &rhs)
vector2 operator- (const vector2 &lhs, const real rhs)
vector2 operator- (const real lhs, const vector2 &rhs)

Member Function Documentation

vector2& blub::vector2::operator= ( const real  fScalar)

Assigns the value of the other vector.

rkVectorThe other vector depricated inline vector2& operator = ( const vector2& rkVector ) { x = rkVector.x; y = rkVector.y;

return *this; }

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