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data Struct Reference
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colour diffuse

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- Public Member Functions inherited from blub::procedural::voxel::data
 data ()
 data constructor
bool operator== (const data &other) const
 operator == compares interpolation. More...
bool operator!= (const data &other) const
 operator != compares interpolation. More...
void setInterpolation (const int8 &toSet)
 setInterpolation sets interpolation More...
int8 & getInterpolation ()
 getInterpolation returns reference to interpolation. More...
const int8 & getInterpolation () const
 getInterpolation returns const reference to interpolation. More...
bool isMax () const
 isMax checks if all values are maximum. See class description. More...
bool isMin () const
 isMin checks if all values are minimum. See class description. More...
void setMin ()
 setMin sets all values to minimum. See class description.
void setMax ()
 setMax sets all values to maximum. See class description.
void setInterpolationMin ()
 setInterpolationMin sets the interpolation to minimum.
void setInterpolationMax ()
 setInterpolationMax set interpolation to maximum.
- Protected Attributes inherited from blub::procedural::voxel::data
int8 interpolation
 interpolation signed 8-bit interpolation value default used by voxel::tile::surface

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