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portable_binary_oarchive Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for portable_binary_oarchive:

Public Types

< portable_binary_oarchive

Public Member Functions

void save_impl (const boost::intmax_t l, const char maxsize)
template<class T >
void save (const T &t)
void save (const std::string &t)
void save (const std::wstring &t)
void save (const float &t)
void save (const double &t)
void save (const char &t)
void save (const unsigned char &t)
template<class T >
void save_override (T &t, BOOST_PFTO int)
void save_override (const boost::archive::class_name_type &t, int)
void save_override (const boost::archive::class_id_optional_type &, int)
void init (unsigned int flags)
 portable_binary_oarchive (std::ostream &os, unsigned flags=0)
 portable_binary_oarchive (std::basic_streambuf< std::ostream::char_type, std::ostream::traits_type > &bsb, unsigned int flags)

Public Attributes

unsigned int m_flags

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