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blub::plane Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 plane (const Ogre::Plane &vec)
 operator Ogre::Plane () const
 plane (const plane &other)
 plane (vector3 p0, vector3 p1, vector3 p2)
 plane (vector3 pos, vector3 normal)
 plane (const vector3 &normal, const real &d)
real getDistance (const vector3 &rkPoint) const
bool operator== (const plane &rhs) const
bool operator!= (const plane &rhs) const

Public Attributes

vector3 normal
real d

Member Function Documentation

real plane::getDistance ( const vector3 rkPoint) const

This is a pseudodistance. The sign of the return value is positive if the point is on the positive side of the plane, negative if the point is on the negative side, and zero if the point is on the plane.

The absolute value of the return value is the true distance only when the plane normal is a unit length vector.

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