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blub::octree::search< containerType > Class Template Reference

Public Types

typedef search< containerType > t_thisClass
typedef container< containerType > t_container
typedef t_container::t_leafPtr t_leafPtr
typedef t_container::t_nodePtr t_nodePtr
typedef t_container::t_leafList t_leafList
typedef t_container::t_data t_data
typedef t_container::t_dataList t_dataList

Static Public Member Functions

static t_leafList getLeafesBySphere (const t_container &toSearchIn, const sphere &insideSphere)
static t_dataList getDataBySphere (const t_container &toSearchIn, const sphere &insideSphere)
static t_leafList getLeafsByUserDefinedFunction (const t_container &toSearchIn, const boost::function< bool(t_nodePtr)> &isInside)
static t_dataList getDataByUserDefinedFunction (const t_container &toSearchIn, const boost::function< bool(t_nodePtr)> &isInside)

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