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5 namespace blub
6 {
7 namespace procedural
8 {
9  namespace voxel
10  {
11  class config;
12  class data;
13  class vertex;
14  namespace tile
15  {
16  template <class tileType>
17  class base;
18  template <class configType = config>
19  class container;
20  template <class configType = config>
21  class accessor;
22  template <class configType = config>
23  class renderer;
24  template <class configType = config>
25  class surface;
26  }
27  namespace simple
28  {
29  template <class tileType>
30  class base;
31  namespace container
32  {
33  namespace utils
34  {
35  template <class configType = config>
36  class database;
37  enum class tileState;
38  template <class tileType>
39  class tile;
40  }
41  template <class configType = config>
42  class base;
43  template <class configType = config>
44  class inMemory;
45  template <class configType = config>
46  class database;
47  }
48  template <class voxelType = config>
49  class accessor;
50  template <class voxelType = config>
51  class renderer;
52  template <class voxelType = config>
53  class surface;
54  }
55  namespace terrain
56  {
57  template <class simpleType>
58  class base;
59  template <class configType = config>
60  class accessor;
61  template <class configType = config>
62  class renderer;
63  template <class configType = config>
64  class surface;
65  }
66  namespace edit
67  {
68  template <class configType = config>
70  template <class configType>
71  class base;
72  template <class configType = config>
73  class box;
74  template <class configType = config>
75  class mesh;
76  template <class configType = config>
77  class noise;
78  template <class configType = config>
79  class sphere;
80  }
81  }
82 }
83 }
The base class gets derived by every class in the namespace simple::*. It represends one level of det...
Definition: predecl.hpp:30
Definition: customVertexInformation.cpp:186
Definition: customVertexInformation.cpp:193
convertes a mesh to voxel. Fills a boost::geometry::index::rtree with the polygons. Initialization O(numTriangles). Voxel-generation O(numVoxel)
Definition: predecl.hpp:75
insertes/removes voxels that are included in an blub::axisAlignedBox. Always axis-aligned - use box i...
Definition: predecl.hpp:69
base class of all edits. Has various features you may wanna overwrite. If you want to write your own ...
Definition: predecl.hpp:71
The renderer class handles the correct rendering of a lod. Including renderdistance and enabling the ...
Definition: predecl.hpp:51
The renderer class contains a custom count of simple::renderer for level of detail.
Definition: predecl.hpp:62
The container class contains an array of voxel. The amount of voxel per tile is voxelLength^3. The class counts how many voxel are max and how many are min. if all voxel are min or max the class simple::container::base doesnt save them. Additionally it saves an axisAlignedBox which describes the bounds of the voxel that changed.
Definition: predecl.hpp:19
The sphere class creates an interpolated voxel-sphere.
Definition: predecl.hpp:79
a voxel-generator defined by a transform-able-box.
Definition: predecl.hpp:73
The surface class convertes accessor-tiles to surface-tiles. In between polygons get calculated by th...
Definition: predecl.hpp:53
The accessor class caches all voxel needed by tile::surface for an extremly optimized and fast calcul...
Definition: predecl.hpp:21
The base class gets derived by every class in the namespace tile::*. Never instance this class and de...
Definition: predecl.hpp:17
The base class is getting derived by all container classes. The class handles synchronisation and par...
Definition: predecl.hpp:42
The renderer class contains information if a tile::surface should get rendered and how it should get ...
Definition: predecl.hpp:23
The surface class convertes a tile::accessor to an iso-surface. Call this class by one thread at a ti...
Definition: predecl.hpp:25
The tile class contains a state and the data itself. For memory optimization no data gets saved if st...
Definition: predecl.hpp:39
The inMemory class stores all voxels in instances of tile::container and safes them in a very fast in...
Definition: predecl.hpp:44
The noise class generates a random terrain using simplex noise http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simplex_noise . Original code http://webstaff.itn.liu.se/~stegu/simplexnoise/SimplexNoise.java.
Definition: predecl.hpp:77
The base class gets derived by every class in the namesapce terrain. It holds various level of detail...
Definition: predecl.hpp:58
The accessor class accesses and caches voxels for the surface-calculation. It caches voxel optimized ...
Definition: predecl.hpp:49
Definition: deadlineTimer.hpp:10
The accessor class contains a custom amount of level of details of type simple::accessor.
Definition: predecl.hpp:60
The surface class contains a custom count of simple::surface for level of detail. ...
Definition: predecl.hpp:64
Definition: customVertexInformation.cpp:177